Hi guys! To celebrate the forthcoming release of my author newsletter, I'm running a giveaway!! (I can hear the excited shrieks from here!) The grand prize winner will receive copies of the following four exciting titles: Anger is a Gift - Mark Oshiro The Dangerous Art of Blending in - Angelo Surmelis Burro Hills - Julia Lynn Rubin Dear Rachel Maddow - Adrienne Kisner As well as a pre-order of The Law of Inertia by yours truly, release date October 16th 2018. If you're noticing a pattern here, you'd be right! All the above books are amazing (obviously), 2018 debuts (new voices to fall in love with!) and have a cast of LGBT characters (like The Law of Inertia and Only Mostly Devastated do).

How I Got my Agent

Back in the day I used to eat these posts up. I loved them. Loved them. I was always going to write my own. Then I kind of … didn’t. And apparently now I’m going to. Half because the Electric Eighteens are doing it and I want to play with the other kids on the playground, and half because my other option is to finish a cognitive assessment report, and that’s just way less fun. I guess the best place to start this (saga?) is late 2014. I was twenty-one, and I’d recently finished the first manuscript I felt was worth publishing (which meant, of course, it was nowhere near worth publishing, but try telling me that at the time). I’d been writing since I was eleven, so it wasn’t exactly a surpris


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