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And the Winner is . . .

Hi everyone!

It's time to announce the winner of my first giveaway!

To recap, the winner receives a prize pack of the following five books:

Burro Hills - Julia Lynn Rubin

Dear Rachel Maddow - Adrienne Kisner

And the winner is . . .


Book Stacks Amber!!


They will receive an email from myself soon to organise receipt of their prize. (Tonight, because I am unfortunately fast asleep right now. #JustSouthernHemisphereThings).

If you're disappointed you missed out this time, don't worry! I have another amazing giveaway lined up for September, and the good news is that everyone who entered this round gets an automatic entry into the next giveaway, as long as they're still subscribed at the time of the draw. So stay tuned!

I do want to thank you all so much for participating. It's been so exciting to meet like-minded people who share my (obviously excellent) taste in books. The lit community is the best community, so getting the chance to meet more of you has been the highlight of this whole experience for myself.

Also, if any of those books caught your eye, you can pre-order / purchase below:

Anger is a Gift - Mark Oshiro

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